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Tsubo: Vital Points for Oriental Therapy

Tsubo(vital point of hand)




Push the Roukyu pressure point located in the centre of the palm.
The roukyu is known as the pressure point of perpetual youth and longevity and is effective against the symptoms of overwork and fatigue.
The roukyu pressure point also has a protective effect on the cardiovascular system.




Stress is believed to be on of the main causes of sleeplessness and insomnia, and can be relieved by gently massaging the so-called Shinpouku region in the centre of the palm and the Shushouku area above on back of the hand. Another way to relieve stress is to knead the area between thumb and index finger and rotating the wrist and ankle is also effective. These exercises help to calm the nerves and make it easier to fall asleep. Another method that has show to have a positive effect is to gently tap the back of the heel with a soft drink or beer bottle. It is also important to regularly exercise the neck muscles in order to improve flexibility in the neck region.

Bees and celery regulate the whole body's balance and help stimulate blood circulation and are therefore said to be good remedies for sleeplessness. A cup of hot milk warms the body and calms the nerves. Furthermore, eating half a lightly cooked thinly sliced onion trickled with a little soy sauce also induces drowsiness.

When putting a young child to sleep, a mother will often sing a lullaby and gently pat the child on the bottom. Patting the child on the bottom has the effect of both calming the child, as well as slowly reducing the flow of blood to the head and making the child sleepy. In a similar vain it is also necessary to slow the follow of blood to the head in adults as well, which is why warming the extremities makes one feel sleepy.


Bloated Feeling

bloated feeling

Uncomfortable bloating sensations can be resolved by massaging three different points: the area above the first joint of the index finger which is also known as the large intestine point; the "stomach spleen large intestine zone" of the palm directly below the base of the index finger; and the Jikan point at the base of the index finger on the back of the hand.


Vital point of improving hands and feet's getting cold















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